The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

51jrCy4jbkLBook Description:

This is a memoir, the final memoir, of Carrie Fisher. It is about her days on the set of Star Wars when she was first cast, her affair with Harrison Ford, and excerpts from the diaries she kept. This is NOT a love story.


I was so excited when this book was released, I was anticipating its release from the time it was announced. The minute I started reading it I felt immediately connected to Fisher, like we were face to face and she was talking to me.

Within the first chapter I felt her ominous pain, despite her upbeat writing and her jokes. As I went deeper, chapter by chapter, I understood what she felt and what she went through. A lot of people think of this book negatively, but I see it as a story about a young and naive girl making one big decision and losing her innocence and how that impacted her life then and how it impacted her life now.

Overall I loved the book even though there were parts that made me cry. It really gave you a look into the personal life of Fisher. I recommend this book to all of her fans and anyone who is looking for a tale of lost innocence. I knew going into the book that it wouldn’t be a happy love story, but that was okay with me. This is not my favorite book by Fisher, but it was one of the best that she wrote.

Book Rating:

Writing Style: 8/10

Story/Plot: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

May the force always be with you Princess.


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