LootAnime – March 2017 Review

I received my March crate after last minute subscribing on 3/27. It is 4/3 and it was in my mailbox this morning which is pretty exciting. I am a bit of a secret otaku so I have been hyped up for this to come in the mail.

20170403_173013_HDR.jpgOpening the Box

Contents: 1 poster/info sheet, 1 T-Shirt, 1 Volume of Manga, Cellphone Charm, Mousepad, & 2.0GB Flash Drive

The box (I’ll update with a picture of the box) has an awesome futuristic laptop design inside. The poster has an info sheet on the back regarding each item in the box.

Item 1: Ghost In The Shell Arise T-Shirt featuring Motoko Kusanagi, Major, Field Commander. It is a dark red color and made of fantastically soft cotton. Its very light weight. I would say its quality is that of any novelty T-Shirt. I love Ghost in the Shell so I am so excited to wear this! Estimated Value: $25?

Item 2: Manga–Clockwork Planet Vol 1. This manga is created by the same person that wrote No Game No Life. I have never indulged into Clockwork Planet but I am looking forward to it. I can’t offer up much review of this manga because I am only a few pages into it. Estimated Value: $13?

Item 3: Yume Together Cellphone Charm–The mascot of LootAnime. She is also featured on the front of the poster. Estimated Value: $3?

Item 4: Kiznaiver Mouse Pad–I almost squealed like a little girl when I saw this. I seriously just finished watching Kiznaiver about two weeks ago and absolutely loved it plus I really do need a mouse pad for when I am gaming. WIN WIN! Overall quality is average for a mouse pad. You can see all of the main characters on it. It is approximately 9″x7″ give or take. Kiznaiver is perfect to incorporate into the FUTURE theme because it takes place in the future where certain students are chosen to partake in an experiment that is life changing for each of them. The art is fantastic and the story line is fantastic. Estimated Value: $10

Item 5: PsychoPass USB Flash Drive — PsychoPass takes place in a dark dystopian future where the mental state of a person can be determined via The Dominator. Essentially this will stop criminals before they are able to commit a crime. Its a very interesting and compelling series. This flash drive is shaped like The Dominator (awesome!), its made from what seems to be a durable plastic, and it has a 2GB capacity. Perfect for when you’re on the go. Estimated Value: $10?

Paid: $25 + Shipping

Estimated Actual Value: around $50

Shipping: Reasonable, ordered on 3/27, arrived 4/3.

Would I Buy It Again: Maybe

Would I Recommend It To A Friend? If they are really into anime and manga

Rating: 8.5/10


Not Very Optimistic….

I ordered a manga bundle from the Loot Vault on 3/17 and it still hasn’t shipped. I subscribed on 3/27 to the LootAnime crate and it arrived today (see review)….I am rather frustrated since they took my money and I have yet to get anything other than an email confirmation of my order, that being said, I never get shipping notifications for my LootCrate and I didn’t get one for the LootAnime crate either. If I ever get the manga I’ll post a review, but as for now, I guess I have to wait to see if my manga bundle will ever arrive.