CLEAN Reserve: Sueded Oud Fragrance

Product information:

Sueded Oud is a fresh and creamy approach to a traditional oud fragrance. It is a discovery of natural textures and an exploration of the fluid movement between the brighter and darker facets of fragrance.

Each CLEAN Reserve fragrance was created to be dynamic and evoke, not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered. Each is linear without much movement from top to bottom, making it ideal for layering and blending.

Incense Oil, Blue Cypress, Birchwood, Red Pimento, Honeysuckle, Temple Oud, Night Blooming Jasmine, White Magnolia, Fir Balsam, Sarcocaulon, Soft Suede, Gold Patchouli, Black Amber, Praline, Skin Musk, Olibanum Tears.
Sophisticated. Mysterious. Sexy.

What else you need to know:
The nomadic Himbas tribe waits until the hard, spiny bushman candle completes its natural life cycle before harvesting the bark to sell for fragrance extraction. Continued use of this incredible shrub provides support that allows the tribe to preserve their traditional lifestyle and fosters sustainable plant growth.


This is another fragrance I received for my birthday. This makes my top 10 list of favorite fragrances.

This scent is technically unisex. It has a fresh, woodsy, and musky scent. When layered with the CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose it smells feminine, fresh, and intoxicating. The ability to layer CLEAN fragrances is fantastic. It added to the  benefits of the fragrance.

Yet again with CLEAN Reserve, the price is cringe worthy but based on the quality it is worth it.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Would I Buy It Again? Yes

Would I suggest it to a friend? Yes

Price: Approx. $25.00-$95.00

Link to Purchase: CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud at Sephora


CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron Perfume


Product Description:

Amber Saffron is the sexiest and most delicious fragrance of the collection. An irresistibly fresh blend of red fruits, delicate florals, soothing musks, warm amber and exquisite saffron, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Velvet Flora and Sueded Oud are Amber Saffron’s perfect matches.
Each CLEAN Reserve fragrance was created to be dynamic and evoke, not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered. Each is linear without much movement from top to bottom, making it ideal for layering and blending.

Bergamot Armoise Artemisia, Mandarin Oil, Rose, Lily, Raspberry, Musk, Saffron, Amber.
Sexy. Intoxicating. Sensual.

What else you need to know:
Selecting mandarin oil cultivated in Brazil allows CLEAN to provide active support to communities and their livelihoods with financial and environmental assistance, while gaining the highest quality of this prized, uplifting sensual oil.

Company Information:

For more than ten years, CLEAN has been an innovator in the world of fragrance with a simple and conscious philosophy. On their latest incarnation, the brand introduces CLEAN RESERVE. The line continues CLEAN’s mission by gathering pure ingredients responsibly—all with a steadfast commitment to high-quality scent.


I got this fragrance in a travel pack for my birthday and I honestly can’t express how much I love this fragrance. It smells clean, fresh, and natural. It reminds me of nature actually. I wear it nearly every day because it smells so good. It can also be layered with other CLEAN fragrances–which is awesome!!

The price is the only problem I have with this product.

If you like fresh and natural scents, this is something to try for sure.

Overall Rating: 9.75/10

Would I Buy It Again? Yes

Would I suggest it to a friend? Yes

Price: Approx. $25.00-$95.00

Link to Purchase: CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron at Sephora

Pickle Dog Designs on Etsy

I ordered earrings and a few other items from this shop on Etsy. The quality of their products is fantastic. In my package I received coupons along with a few other things. I absolutely adored my items that I purchase, I plan on purchasing from them again and definitely would recommend them to anyone that would like jewelry or stationary at great prices! Processing and shipping was very fast too!

Shop Rating: 9.5/10

Buy Again: Yes

Recommend to a Friend: Yes

Shop Link:  Pickle Dog Designs Etsy Shop


Dollar Shave Club

Prices range from $1.00 to $9.00 for razors, plus the refill blades are very affordable.

For new subscribers, they offer promotions and discounts.

In each package you get samples and they come in an envelope with just razors but with add-ons like shave gel it will be shipped in a box. Shipping is very fast when your subscription ships.

I personally chose the Men’s 4x razor because I really dislike women’s razors in general. That is the $6.oo package but for new subscribers it is only $1.00 in the first month.

The razor blades for the 4x last about a month no matter what part of the body you are shaving (as a woman) not sure about the men’s longevity on the razors though. The razor is very gentle and does not leave bumps or cuts. When it starts to get dull you will feel it.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Would I Buy It Again? Yes

Would I suggest it to a friend? Yea

Price: Approx. $1.00 -$9.00 per razor

Link To Purchase: Dollar Shave Club


Eight Wonders Choc Choc Propolis Black Mask

Information :

Charcoal Mask Sheet Eightwonders CHOC CHOC Propolis Black Honey Black Mask with Ultimate Natural Green Propolis Extract 20,000ppm,Bamboo. Firms, Plumps and lifts skin, Pack of 10, 0.88 fl oz each, Available on (see link below)

  • #1 ULTIMATE NATURAL GREEN PROPOLIS EXTRACT 20,000 PPM – This Korean mask sheet contains ultimate premium green propolis extract 20,000 ppm. (Other honey mask normally contains 10,000 ppm.) Green Propolis and royal jelly ingredients help skin keep soft, supple and hydrated. It contains concentrated antioxidants to fight against external environment. Your skin will feel elastic and anti aging moisturizing effects.
  • PUMPING AND FIRMING FACIAL FUNCTION – Propolis extract enhances skin texture and elasticity to increase the look of smoothness. Artepillin C also makes your skin plump and firm to deliver antioxidants in your skin. Rejuvenate your skin with natural and mineral ingredients with the propolis black mask.
  • BAMBOO CHARCOAL SHEET – This mask helps fight blackheads, pores and breakouts. This mask contains charcoal ingredients which improve hydration, firmness and clarity. It pulls out the toxins and excess oils present in your skin.
  • REFRESHING, NUTRITION AND SKIN RELIEF – Nourish your skin with a combination of antioxidants. Fades the look of age shots, sun spots and dark spots.
  • EXCELLENT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – It also deeply hydrates the skin, giving you a healthy and glowing appearance. Block B, the Korean famous idol group is a model of the CHOC CHOC Propolis Black Mask.


Well Amazon sent me a smashed box — but I over looked that and went on to try out one of these masks.

The masks are flexible and look like cloth but I am not entirely sure.

When I looked at the back of the package, the instructions and information was in Korean so I spent a good amount of time using Google Translate to figure out how these things work.

Once I determined that I needed to rinse and dry my face first then put on the mask I proceeded to. That was great and all aside from it being huge. I had to fold parts of it so it would stop sliding off. Then I waited 10-20 minutes to take off the mask (I chose 20 because of my oily skin).While the mask sheet was on my face it was very moist and not drying and setting onto my face. I proceeded to dab it with a paper towel and that seemed to help it stay on.

The fragrance and tingling sensation is utterly fantastic, it feels better than most of the spa treatments I have tried.

Mask Removal: Easy removal with no pain, quickly and smoothly peeled off my face. My skin felt dry after the mask was removed and still tingly. The mask did not pull anything out of my skin even after 20 minutes.

Pros: Comes in a 10-pack, pleasant scent, tingling sensation, overall great value given what it is and what stores like sephora charge for similar items.

Cons: Box and instructions are almost entirely written in Korean, mask is too big for my face, mask is very moist and will slide off the face.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Would I Buy It Again? Maybe

Would I suggest it to a friend? No

Price: Approx. $13

Link To Purchase: Buy It Here